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Dear Sirs!

      All questions about ordering and delivering of our products
you can consider with Product Marketing Manager
Ponomarev Michael     
Akryl Company, Voronezh, Russia.

Tel: 8 007 900 3009981
e-mail: mail@petror.com
MSN: hydroresin@hotmail.com

Akryl Company - Latnaya          
396900 Komsomolskaya street 1, Latnaya,
Semiluksky district, Voronezh region, Russia.

TINN 3628007099
USD account: 40702840813310200749
Savings Bank of the Russian Federation
(Tsentralno-Chernozemny office)
In favor of Branch Semilukskoe 3825
C/a 30101810600000000681 with CB RF by Voronezh Region
TINN 7707083893 BIC 042007681 SWIFT SABRRUMM VH 1

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