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Dear Sirs!

      We are glad to greet you with all our respect on behalf of Akryl Company, Russia - biggest producer of petroleum hydrocarbon Resin in Russia and high developed manufacturer of aromatic C9 resin for producers of :

1. varnishes, paints, printing inks,
2. adhesives, lacquers, safety and anticorrosion coatings,
3. binding and moisture-proof substances.
4. producing of casting mold blends.

Our Company operates with more than 30 Large-scale Chemical plants in our country and abroad and show oneself as trustworthy supplier and careful partner, annually performing more than 14 000 tons various Petroleum Hydrocarbon Resins and Solvent.

Respectfully yours,
Ponomarev Michael
Product Marketing Manager
Akryl Company, Voronezh, Russia.
Tel: 8 007 900 3009981
e-mail: mail@petror.com
MSN: hydroresin@hotmail.com

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